I was incredibly nervous at my consultation. I even warned the nurse that first met with me on what she was about to see. She was very polite and made small talk/jokes to help calm my nerves. Then, Dr. Mizuguchi came in. AS soon as he entered the room, my nerves settled. The way he carried himself and over all personality was/is incredible. He is very easy to talk too and had a way to make me feel beautiful before AND after my procedure. I never once felt ashamed of myself in his presence. Other surgeons I had consulted with prior left me feeling more embarrassed of myself than what I began with or pointed out my other flaws as I was standing there vulnerable just wanting a solution for my abnormally large breasts. Dr. Mizuguchi did neither .. and even after my procedure and I have healed, he still have never mentioned or even focused on my other flaws, which are very noticeable, lol. He and his staff are very soft and easy spoken. I also have to say the nurses in the surgery center are wonderful!! They were so nice and eased my nerves the day of surgery. They are absolutely wonderful. Any surgery is scary, but a surgery that is 100% choice can be even scarier I think, the surgery center nurses were full of laughs and smiles, gave a very relaxing calm atmosphere. I will definitely recommend the office of Dr. Mizuguchi to everyone and anyone looking to get "work" done.

Dr. Mizuguchi is the best! I found on this site and immediately felt like he would be the one. How staff entirely friendly with me every time and made me feel so welcomed. The waiting time was hardly existent how fast they get you back. Dr. Mizuguchi is one of a kind. He made me feel beautiful just the way I was prior to my surgery and assured me beauty comes the inside ,not the chest. Which I appreciate a surgeon saying who makes his money performing exterior beauty. He also never made me feel rushed, which is something I always look for in any doctor. He was completely honest with the size I was getting and let know the pros ands cons. This doctor is AMAZING. He even called me the night after surgery to see how I was feeling. I would recommend this doctor to anyone!

Wonderful doctor who spends all the extra care and time send you privately handwritten notes to make sure that you feel special in every way! Calls you the night of your surgery to make sure that you make it through okay.

I've wanted a breast augmentation for ten years now and after doing my research I felt that now was the time to give it a go. I chose Dr.Mizuguchi because he graduated top of his class and I liked his work on the website. When I meet him I was very impressed and excited. He was very easy to talk to, I told him what I wanted and I feel he was honest and help me to be at ease and happy .Dr.Mizuguchi and his staff was very caring and made me feel comfortable when I was there for surgery. I felt no pain at all not even the IV! They checked on me after I went home and really took care of me.


Dear Dr. Mizuguchi, I wanted to send you an “old fashion” note to truly say thank you for the fabulous job you did on “the girls” and how much you and your team have made me feel welcome and comfortable. Your genuine personal attitude and top customer service make me proud to recommend your services to friends. I’m now a fan of even CaloSpa-a beautiful place! It’s always nice to see you- Thank you again!


Dear Dr. Mizuguchi, Thank you for making a real difference in my life! Several people commented on the difference without knowing the means of which it occurred. I am so happy to have this positive change.


Dear Dr. Mizuguchi, Thank you very much for the treatment last week! I love the results and appreciate your time and expertise. I had no doubt that you would make me look so much more improved! I respect your artistry and great perspective with which you perform in your profession. Thank you again! One Happy Patient!


Dr. Mizuguchi, Thank you for performing my surgery. You are an absolute artist and I am very glad that you were my first plastic surgery. I am beyond happy with my results and hope that you will always be my doctor for any future cosmetic enhancements. Thank you so much!

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